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One of the best decisions in my life was that I started my orthodontic treatment and I am proud of my courage. I am very grateful to the doctor for her kind, positive and professional take-up and care 🙂 It was the best choice to choose her. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Janka Bán

All treatments reach up to a real time stand-up comedy! Of course, with the greatest seriousness and precision. Someone is waiting for the removal of the braces, I DO NOT!

Kata Elekes

I’ve been thinking for a long time to have an orthodontic treatment. I was pulling for years, despite the fact that I was very upset as my teeth were. I did not really dare to smile anymore. Everyone said it would be uncomfortable and it would hurt all the time. Then I made the decision myself at 25 years old. I did not regret at all that I did. After the first two months I’ve seen the change, which was a very good feeling. And it never hurt 🙂 Now I’m in the third month, but apart from having to drop off some food / drink I only have positive experiences with the braces. I’m pleased to have Fanni as my orthodontist, the treatments are always funny. I’m so glad I made up my mind.

Júlia Markos

She is super-cheerful and kind, flexible in handling the appointments and extremely attentive. I can only recommend! If I had to re-start my orthodontic treatment I would only do with Fanni. She told me all the information, she was very reassuring and patient, and I totally trusted her. There is still a couple of months to the end, but I’m sure the end result will be great.*****

Diána Besnyő

In adult orthodontics, it is good that it’s an own voluntary unpleasant decision and friends do not mock him. Worst case scenario behind his back. Fanni is a perfect companion for this self-taunting adventure. Everything is informed in advance by her, the treatments are completely pain-free and natural, making it even more tedious than changing a wire in a person’s mouth:) You can not make a mistake if you choose her as your orthodontist.

Csaba András Tóth

You have done everything necessary to convey to me that you are extremely competent; and you did it in a way that was easy for me to understand.  For most people a visit to the dentist is not something enjoyed; but you have an uncanny knack to put people at ease.  I know that the way you interact with your clients must help improve the frequency of appointments and therefore the health of your clients.

James Davis

As a child I was always afraid to go to the dentist. I only have bad memories about him. Fortunately, my sons do not have to go through this because Fanni deals with kids in an amazing way – in addition to being a great dentist. All three of us, we wouldn’t go to anyone else but to her and I’d strongly encourage all the fellow dads to do so too.

Gábor Bajzáth

Precision – so could be my opinion about Fanni summed up in one word. Beside this, she is very kind and a patient listener and she answers all the questions I raise during the treatments. Thus, if the idea to go to the dentist would fill me with anxiety, it slips away in no time as I get into her chair. She is one of my favorite dentists and my favorite orthodontist, who I would happily recommend to anyone.

Róbert Balog

Fanni is a kind and smiling person, who helped me already at the beginning to forget all the previous unpleasant experiences associated with dental treatments. Every time she gives me very detailed information on the procedure, and she works with complete attention and patience. She never finished her work before I was completely satisfied with everything. I was perfectly happy with the end result and I’m pleased that I got such a professional dental treatment.

Balázs Vári

Since my early childhood I’ve been visiting the Abádi square dental office. It turned out approximately half a year ago that I have to wear braces. I am very pleased that I chose Fanni because she is a great dentist and very professional at what she does. Many thanks to her.

Dóri Nagy

I came to Fanni with quite a complex problem. She was fighting for my tooth for one and a half hours, but she saved it! If there would be a superhero dentist existing, Fanni would be the Dentistwoman.

László Góg

I really like my braces because I can wear them like tooth jewelleries. I’d start again with them any time! 🙂 I love to go to Fanni as she is nice, up to date and the treatments never hurt. She gives me each month a different color to pimp up my braces… and in the everyday rush I can meet my husband here when we overtake the dentist’s chair from eachother! 😉

Andi Szilágyi

With her sense of humor she kills any fear that you feel the dentist’s chair. And she polishes my teeth amaznigly bright. 😀

Lilla Rónai

Very cool, patient, funny, and she did not take it wrong that I gripped her thighs whilst she gave me an injection 🙂

Erika Kiss

I’ve never met such a cool and cute dentist!

Fruzsi Hitesi

Delightful, very pretty, cool, funny, confident, patient, sometimes a little crazy – but me too – so we found each other! Thank you so much for my beautiful denture! 🙂

Réka Lajtaváry

High level of expertise, patience, kindness and sense of humor. I got all this from Fanni, not to mention the colorful interdental brushes and tooth paste samples!

Judit Haskó

It was a miracle sitting in her chair! I was nervous, but really! Her creature perfectly dissolved the tension in me! 🙂 … And the result was also EXCELLENT!

Etelka Ivanics

She saved it in my tooth, which had already been written off by everyone. I am grateful to her for this, and so is my tooth! 🙂

Blanka Béres

My braces are so very sore,

But doctor Fanni smiles at me,

I don’t feel my pains no more

And here I am again happy!

Tímea Pálya

For me, what makes Fanni more than an “average” – good, nice, conscientious – dentist, is the dedication to save each and every tooth if possible as it was hers, and that the bravest wouldn’t only get stickers from her, but also a certificate. 🙂 Okay, I don’t yet have any.

Olivér Mátsik

Generally I was super nervous before, when I had to go to the dentist. But I think most of us are like that. However, when I first visited Fanni, this habit of mine started to slowly, gradually go away. I remember she managed to say something nice and funny already with her second sentence, so my fear instantly disappeared. By the time I sat in the chair, I have been completely calmed down, because I knew that I was safe. During the treatment I felt that I was in good hands and finally I had to come to the conclusion that it’s really not such a bad thing to go to the dentist, and other people don’t just say it to calm you down, but because it is indeed the case. They are also as lucky as I am ever since I came across Fanni! I haven’t been disappointed since, and nowadays, if my tooth starts hurting, I don’t waste the time to book an appointment but call up and go as soon as possible. I’ve never come across a dentist who would have done such a thorough job and I think Fanni’s greatest skill is to always entirely look after the patient, she is healing with heart and soul and a sincere devotion. I think this is what indicates that a doctor is really good!

Ádám Vári

I didn’t know her before, but the first time I went there I knew that my teeth are in good hands. Smiling and kind, she strives to save your teeth, not to get rid of them. Nothing what she does would cause pain, she is very talented and knows her profession well. Many thanks for everything!

Márti Walkó

After all the negative experiences I had I don’t want to let any person close to my child. Fanni is an exception. Her kindness, expertise and sense of humor convinced me completely. My son is in very good hands. Thank you!

Andrea and Richárd Kozma

The funniest dentist 🙂

Anikó Kelemen DMD

The best dentist who has ever treated me. Accurate, precise, gentle and thorough. Kind and always smiling. 🙂 I respect and love her as a friend and as a human being.

Szabolcs Alb

As a dance teacher I’ve seen many professionals outstanding in their fields in the last decades, but Fanni outdoes most of them in terms of passion for her profession. Anyone who says they know a more qualified and more fun tooth fairy, is a liar!

Gergő “Boog-$” Mészáros