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Crowded and crooked teeth might not only cause aesthetic problems, but in many cases the chewing function itself is damaged. It is very important to recognise these issues early in childhood, however nowadays there is no longer any reason fortunately why teeth of adults couldn’t be aligned either.

[:hu]Konzerválás[:en]Conservative Dentistry[:de]Konservierung[:]
Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the hidden name for treatments which are aimed at preserving and saving the teeth. These include fillings, root canal treatments, inlays, onlays and sealants.

[:hu]Fogpótlás[:en]Restorative Dentistry[:de]Wiederherstellung[:]
Restorative Dentistry

The main objective of tooth replacement is to be able to chew without problems and have a lovelier smile than Gargamel. There are plenty of replacement solutions to choose from, be it fixed or removable, eg. crowns, bridges, dentures.

[:hu]Fogpótlás[:en]Restorative Dentistry[:de]Wiederherstellung[:]

Signature III is an excellent alternative to metal braces. The ceramic pads provide a high degree of comfort whilst...

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Fanni is a kind and smiling person, who helped me already at the beginning to forget all the previous...

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Why would a dentist have her own website?


Usually dental centres have their own site where doctors only appear in the ‘staff’ section. I started my own site because I find it important that you learn a bit more about me besides the standard information like where(Budapest) and when (2007) I finished my studies, what sort of specialisation I obtained (orthodontics and restorative dentistry, prosthodontics)and I’m secretly hoping to gain some insight into your oral cavity. Some other reasons why I thought it would be worth to have a go:

  • content which avoids professional jargon or explains it;
  • continuous preventative content;
  • based on the first point, I’d refer to the second one as “what to do to avoid tooth problems”
  • more detailed answers on questions patients are interested in;
  • and to present interesting cases.